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Water is precious and really a very important element for us to live. As water is really important for life and three-quarter of the Earth is covered by huge amount of it, still we face scarcity of the water. Only one percent (0.37%) of this water is drinkable.

Despite being so important to our life, the quality of water is deteriorating day by day. The pureness like earlier days is no longer present in present day natural water.

Some of the primary reasons why Tap water is no longer safe for our consumption :

  • Natural Causes
    • Climatic changes, draughts, uncontrolled civilization and industrialization have led the pollution level to alarming levels. Mass amount of waste material is being disposed into water resources like rivers, reservoirs and wells.
  • Pollution
    • Due to increasing levels of pollution water resources are getting contaminated with bacteria, cyst, viruses and other soluble impurities.
    • Poor maintenance of older pipelines results in contamination of supply water to home.
    • Increase in use of harmful insecticides and pesticides in agricultural field have resulted in percolation of harmful chemicals into the ground which in turn is affecting well and river water.
    • As we all know the water supply is not continuous and every resident of the multi storied building stores excessive water in water tanks. These water tanks are not safe for storing water and various unwanted harmful bacteria start their breeding there.
    • The best source of water is ground water as rivers are no longer sufficient for water needs of people. Although ground water has a high level of dissolved impurities in it.

  • Suspended Impurities:-

    There are various physical impurities like dust, sand, alive or dead insects, other harmful bacteria, viruses and cyst which remain suspended in water, lead to discoloration of the water. This impure water causes various diseases.

  • Dissolved Impurities:-

    Other than the suspended impurities, the second classification of impurities is into dissolved impurities. These impurities include harmful chemicals, insecticides, rust, pesticides and salts of metals like fluoride, iron, calcium, arsenic etc. These impurities cannot be removed by simple boiling or filtration techniques. Hence, with continuous degradation in the quality of water and rising level of impurities, it’s very important to have a water purification system. If you want to have pure water then having a water purifier is a must, irrespective of the water supply source.

With increasing level of impurities in water, a big problem has aroused. But thanks to water purification technology.

As the problems of impurities in water are increasing, thankfully so are the solutions to get rid of them. There are many technologies available in the market which can make contaminated water safe for drinking. However, each of these technologies has its inherent advantages and disadvantages. Some are simple and cost-effective, while some are state-of-the-art but expensive.


The most common form of purification technology which is used widely all over the world is boiling. Boiling is best to resolve harmful micro organisms in the water but it is not capable of removing the other suspended impurities like sand, dust etc and dissolved impurities. In simple terms boiling only removes harmful chemicals but does not changes the quality and characteristics of the water, means your water will remain salty if it was earlier.

Ultra Violet Disinfection

UV (ultra violet) technology of the water purification has been in practice for several years now. Some of the people refer it as electronic boiling technique. This technology successfully removes harmful micro organisms such as bacteria and viruses but is unable to remove harmful cysts. And if water cleaned through this process is stored for long time then bacteria may reactivate.

When this technology is used in combination with other filters (i.e. sodium and carbon) then this technology is quite effective in removing maximum impurities some of the suspended impurities and dissolved gases, but is not capable of removing dissolved impurities such as arsenic, rust, fluoride.

Reverse Osmosis (RO) Filtration

RO technology is the best known purification technology to the mankind. This technology is able to remove all harmful micro organisms such as bacteria, cyst, viruses etc. When this technology is used in combination with other filters like (sediment and carbon), it successfully removes all suspended impurities including organic impurities and dissolved impurities. The biggest advantage of this technology is that it is able to remove almost all impurities in the water such as chemicals, salts of heavy metals, insecticides and pesticides, rusts etc present in the water. The fact is that RO is the best affordable technology which is able to resolve all impurities from the water.

But with advantages, RO technology has some inherent disadvantages:

The process of filtering is so efficient that the dissolved impurities as well as essential and must have minerals are removed which are important for our body. Water purified by this technology seems to be distilled and has a bitter taste and has than the standard requirement and is slightly acidic in nature.

The technology requires raw water to be forced at very high pressure so that the water can pass through small pores of the membrane which blocks the impurities, germs and bacteria from passing through. But with a long use the membrane size gets bigger and the efficiency of the filtering is reduced thus making the process ineffective in the long run.

Purodrops's Mineral RO Technology

This technology uses an innovative control technique: TDS stands for Total Dissolved Solids. The purifier has TDS control valve which allows users to control the amount of natural elements you want in the drinking water. It ensures that the purified water does not have a bitter taste and its pH value remains within the acceptable range. It also gives you control of natural elements in the purified water according to the taste you want to have.

There are several disadvantages in the RO technology such as it removes all essential salts and the water tastes bitter which makes it not a complete solution for water purification. Keeping it in mind Purodrops has come up with the new idea of using Mineral RO technology. This technology is derived from the most common RO technology and has better results as it eliminates all the limitations of the RO technology.

The technology of Purodrops is double purification, where water passes through RO is also passed through Ultra Violet (UV) radiation and Ultra Filtration (UF). The second stage purification achieved through UV/UF ensures that when the pores of membrane is open up and allows harmful organisms to pass through when they are filtered/deactivated by UV/UF.