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Everyone needs water and drinking the right amount of water in right constraints is important. If you drink impure water, then it is possible to get tangled in web of diseases. Impure water is a big source of various harmful diseases like diarrhea, cryptosporidium, dysentery, cholera, etc.

The quality of the water you are drinking is important and it depends on dissolved solids, impurities, cysts and minerals in the water. If your water is impure and doesn’t have minerals in it, then there is no benefit in drinking that water. It is just a medium to transmit the diseases. So, to drink pure water you need a purifier to clean your intake. You must drink pure water in order to quench your thirst and remain healthy. It must be contamination free.
Impurities found in drinking water can be broadly classified into:

♦ Suspended impurities.
♦ Dissolved impurities:

    a): Pesticides
    b): Arsenic & Fluoride
    c): Heavy Metals Salts
    d): Toxic Elements
It is really essential to remove dissolved impurities as water with dissolved impurities can cause several diseases like cholera, diarrhea, Typhoid Fever, malaria etc. These diseases are very harmful and to avoid them it is necessary to remove all dissolved impurities from the water.
Most commonly used methods of water purification are Chlorination, Ultra filtration (UF), Boiling, Ultra Violet (UV) Disinfection and Reverse Osmosis (RO).
UV technology only removes viruses and bacteria, but does not remove dissolved impurities. And also the taste of water remains same.
This is the best technology in the market. It removes viruses along with dissolved impurities, but during the process it also removes necessary minerals. This mineral less water can lead mineral deficiency in the body.
Boiling kills bacteria, but dissolved impurities are not removed. Presence of dissolved impurities like rust, pesticides, arsenic, etc. can cause serious diseases, thus only boiling does not make water pure and drinkable.
The desired performance from a water purifier is as follows:
♦ It should be capable of removing bacteria and viruses.
♦ It should be capable of removing dissolved impurities.
♦ At the same time the purifier must be capable of retaining all the necessary minerals in the water

Thankfully, with Purodrops, such technology and performance is available now.
Natural minerals are an essential element for human being. In conventional water purifiers the natural elements get removed with dissolved impurities. Such mineral less water is really harmful for health, thus can cause serious health deficiency in the human body.

Purodrops's Mineral RO water purifiers are equipped with a TDS controller, which helps in retaining essential natural minerals in the purified water.
In conventional water purifiers it takes 4 liters of impure water to get 1 liter of pure water that means 3 liters of water is wasted, but Purodrops’s technology enhances the performance of RO water purifiers and reduces the rejection amount very less as compared to other conventional water purifiers.

Further, a separate tank is provided for the rejected water, which can later be utilized for household purposes.
The rejected water can be utilized in household purposes like washing utensils, watering plants, washing cars, mopping etc. You can also use this water in bathing your pets.
Yes. It is very important as if any issue arose with purifier’s working and then can be easily resolved within least time.
The Purodrops’s vision is to provide its customers the water purifiers that are within their budget and deliver a great performance. Our purifier features mineral ROTM Technology that is capable of:

  ♦ Removing Viruses, Bacteria
  ♦ Removing Dissolved impurities
  ♦ Retaining Essential Minerals

Along with all these features our Purifiers provide water, which is tasty and the waste water ratio to the purified water is very less. These all features make Purodrops a best choice. Along with all these features, our after sales support is very good and responsive and our customer service executives are ready to help you 24 X 7.
Purodrops is committed to provide its customer the best quality drinkable water.