UV + UF + MF Double purification using UV, UF & MF totally removes remaining viruses.
Na+, Mg+, Ca+ TDS Controller maintains the level of essential minerals in purified water.
Drops of Purodrops Drink 100% pure, healthy, tasty and Mineral full purified water.

Director’s Message

“Water is life, but if you drink impure water, then it is a life threatening thing. We have a vision to provide our clients 100% pure, clean, tasty drinkable water. We also want to be a socially responsible brand that makes a difference in people’s lives by affecting all pervasive areas of their existence.”

T K Vadhera | Director

Latest Products

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    Swift RO

    This water purifier purifies impure water in 10 stages to ensure that you get 100% pure water. [...]

  • 6

    Dolphin RO

    This is a Wall Mountable/ Counter-Top water purifier that comes with a detachable storage tank. [...]

  • 3

    Super Grand RO Gold

    World's most technologically advanced water purifier that uses Mineral RO™ Technology to give 100% pure water. [...]

  • 4

    All Where

    This is a gravity based water purifier which purifies impure water with sediment, carbon and nano filter. [...]

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