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UV + UF + MF

Double purification using UV, UF & MF totally removes remaining viruses.

Drops of Purodrops

TDS Controller maintains the level of essential minerals in purified water.

Na+, Mg+, Ca+

Drink 100% pure, healthy, tasty and Mineral full purified water.

Director’s Message

“Water is life, but if you drink impure water, then it is a life threatening thing. We have a vision to provide our clients 100% pure, clean, tasty drinkable water. We also want to be a socially responsible brand that makes a difference in people’s lives by affecting all pervasive areas of their existence.”

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Hot Product

Audi Pro

Audi Pro is a universal water purifier which is equipped with RO+UV+UF+MF technology along with TDS Controller. This water purifier automatically detects the impurities and accordingly chooses the correct purification technology to give you pure water, which is not only free from physical, chemical & microbiological contaminants but also has the right TDS balance and also essential natural minerals.

The advanced RO ensures that all the dissolved impurities are removed essential minerals necessary for your family's health are retained giving you not just pure but healthy and tasty water. This purifier comes in 8 stages which gives you 100% pure water.

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